CHRIS HEFNER - Writer/Director

Chris Hefner is a multimedia artist living and working in Chicago.  Through charcoal drawings, films and multimedia installations, he explores themes of absence, opacity and the ways in which we systematize our brief experience of the world in order to find meaning and interpersonal connections within it.

Alongside his films, Hefner also focuses heavily upon a separate but congruous body of visual artwork.  The subject material of Hefner’s drawings is often drawn from found snapshots, film stills and existing vernacular imagery, often originating from the first half of the 20th century.  The usage and manipulation of ephemerally-based, often anonymous images further examines the succinctness of life while maintaining focus on the thread of shared human experience.   His first feature film, The Pink Hotel, was completed in 2010; The Poisoner is his second feature, and was completed in January of 2014.  He has made music videos for artists such as The Handsome Family, Benoit Pioulard, Erik K. Skodvin, Mucca Pazza and more.  Hefner also designs and prints posters at Screwball Press, and performs musical saw with the band of songsmith and composer Daniel Knox.

For more information, images of additional works and contact information, please visit his website at

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