ANDREW J MORGAN - Director of Photography

Since graduating Columbia College Chicago in 2008, Andrew J Morgan has been working professionally as a director of photography and videographer on a number of projects ranging in size, budget, and style. His training in the field of cinematography, combined with his practical experience, gives him the skill set and knowledge to capture excellent images no matter what your production calls for.  His passion for being behind the camera, combined with his enthusiasm for projects both small and large, insures that your production will reach it’s full visual potential. In his free time, to the dismay of his wife, he can be found watching “Big Trouble In Little China” for the 251st time and admiring b-movies of the past.

Alongside The Poisoner, Andrew was hard at work with his creative partner Nick Nummerdor completing their first feature-length documentary: Vannin’: The Movie, an incredible and immersive look at custom van culture in the United States.  Find out more about Vannin’, as well as Andrew and Nick’s fine work at their website:

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