R.K. SHUQUEM - The Husband

A veteran of some of the finest acts that the underground music, visual art and circus worlds have had to offer in recent decades, R.K. Shuquem (also known as Loto Ball) brings his strong sense for the theatrical and deftly restrained performative skills to his role as The Husband in The Poisoner.  Over the years, R.K. has been an integral member of such top notch post-punk and avant garde musical and theatrical outfits such as the Loto Ball ShowThe Phantom LimbsCircus RedickulessMucca Pazza and The Arts of Life Band.  He has also acted as the creative director of Chicago’s Arts of Life Studio, an arts organization designed to create a space in which adults with developmental disabilities may reach their full potential through a rich variety of arts programming, creation and performance.  R.K. now lives and works in LA with his wife, alongside whom he continues to create striking new works in a wide variety of media.  See them and more at his website: rk.shuquem.com

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